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Constantly going at full speed with no reprieve can have drastically negative effects on your physical health, your mental state, and your relationships. Finding your individual sense of calm can have a great impact on how you approach everyday life, improve your treatment of others, and develop your self-care and personal growth. Everyday Calm explores the concept of calm, what it means to live slow, be still, and intimately connect with what�s happening to you both internally and externally on a constant basis. By doing this, you can begin to work on repairing the most important relationship of al the one with yourself. One of the best ways to refresh yourself and find inner peace is to expel any stress, anxiety, or harmful thoughts through writing, a literal way of drawing out the bad and storing it someplace other than your body or mind. This beautiful journal helps you do just that. A 6.75" x 8.6" Hardcover book with 128 pages.

Everyday Calm Journal (hc)

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